The hair accessory made famous by the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve, is back and bigger than ever. The headband – this season the wider the better – is fabulously versatile. Take it from someone who has wildly unruly hair – throwing on a headband can literally save the day.

When I’m running late and don’t have the extra hour in the morning to straighten my hair, I throw on a headband and voilá, I’ve created a sleek and polished look. For a sleeker, sportier look I slick my hair straight back into a low ponytail and add a headband to keep all those loose hairs from sticking out, without which I would end up looking like a mad scientist. Yes, this simple little hair accessory has over the years been instrumental in keeping my mane in check. And full transparency here – because of the nature of my hair I wear this iconic hair accessory a lot. I have one full vanity drawer dedicated just to headbands to prove it:)

How do you feel about headbands? Is this a hair accessory you’ ll be sporting this season?


My headbands are nothing fancy. I pick them up at my local drugstore. 

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