The old adage that blondes have more fun, may or may not be true, but, speaking from experience here, they do have more work cut out for them if that golden hue doesn’t happen to be natural.

My life as a natural blonde pretty much ended around the time I learned how to walk. By kindergarten my hair had turned to a reddish-golden brown. That would be my color until the late 80s, when everyone, including me, started highlighting their hair. Little by little my golden brown hair became blonde. Without realizing it, I had taken the gradual approach to becoming blonde – no shocking, “what have I done to my hair” moments – so it actually has always felt quite natural.

But whether you’re looking to take the slow road or are ready for one, big, dramatic makeover, there are several things to consider before endeavoring a blonde transformation.


My go-to colorist, Yulia Birg, shares her tips on what you need to know before turning your dark tresses light:

Consider Your Natural Hair Color

“The darker your hair color, the more damaging going blonde can be. It needs to be done slowly for those with dark hair. You might start with highlights to begin and go gradually blonde. It’s always the best way to do it and it’s far less damaging to the hair. You also have more control over the color. If you’ve got light brown hair, the process is easier and the maintenance much less.”

Speaking of Maintenance, Consider Your Time And Money

“Going blonde is a huge committment. You’ll definitely be spending a lot of time at the salon, which also means a lot of money, depending on how light you want to go.”

Be Ready To Change Your Shampoo & Conditioner

“Going blonde is damaging to the hair, which means choosing a shampoo and conditioner that’s formulated for color-treated hair, and one that’s deep conditioning.” (See yesterday’s post for some great products.)

Be Ready To Change Your Makeup

“Going blonde requires new makeup, especially lipstick, to go with your new, lighter look.”

Be Realistic

“It’s great to see examples from magazines on the color blonde you’re looking for, but be aware that your color may not turn out exactly the same way as the color in that photograph.”

Consult A Professional That You Trust

“The most important advice I can give is to consult a professional that you trust before going blonde. They’ll be able to assess your particular hair and tell you how long it’s going to take to go blonde and what will be involved in the whole process.”

There’s no question that hair color can be one of the easiest ways to change your look. But with so many different shades of blonde, just make sure you pick a color that compliments your skin tone. And no matter what hue you choose, think sun-kissed. As Yulia says, “You should look like you’ve been on the beach and just come back from an awesome vacation”. Now there’s a thought :)