The uniform…that’s how I lovingly refer to today’s look. Chances are pretty good that if you happened to run into me on the street this is what I’d be wearing or certainly some derivation of it—black skinny jeans (one of my personal wardrobe essentials), paired with a black tee and a black belted embellished jacket. My shoes run the gamut from flats to oxfords to heels,depending on  my mood and my work schedule.

When I mentioned to a friend that I’d be wearing this for today’s outfit post she laughed, having seen me in this a thousand times (well, maybe not a thousand). Just as quickly though, she stopped laughing and said, “Why not?! It’s a great look!”

In this particular case I think what pulls the whole look together is my jacket, a classic piece that has become something of a workhorse in my wardrobe because of how often I wear it. It’s gotten me through three seasons already—keeping me warm on the rainy streets of Paris and almost warm on downright chilly Fall days here in Chicago—and I am definitely not ready to part with it yet.

Mary front 2

Robert Rodriguez Jacket (old)// J Brand Jeans //Stuart Weitzman Pumps// Chanel Iconic Handbag

As for doing yet another all black post, as I mentioned here, there’s just something about black that I find calming. If that sounds a bit odd, I wondered about it myself and decided to dig a little deeper to find out why black seems to be my answer to meditation. While I didn’t find anything about it having a Zen-affect, I did discover at least one study showing that black stimulates more awe-inspiring emotions. A California College San Diego study found that black evokes the feeling of authority and power, which could mean that this uniform of mine has suddenly turned me into Superwoman.I kind of like that :-)

Do you have go-to pieces that you refer to as your uniform? How about a particular color that you find yourself gravitating towards over and over again?