Plaid and I go way back. I spent twelve years of my life wearing plaid jumpers and skirts—the mandatory uniform at the Catholic schools I attended. I wore every derivation of this classic weave—tartan, checkered, houndstooth—I’ve worn them all. I think that might explain why, as an adult, I usually avoided plaid, in favor of monochromatic combinations. But what do you know? Plaid is back on my radar, feeling fresh and modern once more.

Even though it’s never really been out of style, there are a multitude of new and unique ways to wear it. If you’re really looking to get your plaid on, be bold and wear plaid on plaid. If you’re a bit more low-key, try adding just one plaid element to an otherwise monochromatic look, as I did.

Pants, shirts, skirts, and even shoes are sporting the motif right now, so whatever your plaid pleasure may be, you are sure to find it this season.

Are you adding any plaid pieces to your wardrobe this season?