1.  What better way to welcome the first weekend of summer than with a classic libation, this one with a sweet twist. (Epicurious.com)

2.  There’s something magical about paper lanterns in the way they can transform any setting. (houseappeal.wordpress.com)

3.  And speaking of transforming any setting, check out this new home design service that’s easy to use and best of all, affordable. (homepolish.com)

4.  Researchers have produced a new map of the human brain that is absolutely mind-boggling. (nytimes.com)

5.  Some are calling it the newest form of workplace discrimination. (nymag.com/thecut)

6.  Officer, something just flew by my window and it looked an awful lot like a man.  (dnainfo.com)

7.  Girl power under 30. (wsj.com)

8.  Art, architecture, and fashion collide in Fendi’s pre-fall 2013 video presentation. (Fendi.com)

9.  You’ve most likely seen this YouTube video but it’s definitely one you can see over and over again. (It happens to be one of Bella’s favorites.)  (YouTube.com)

10.  Gone too soon.  A look back at some of James Gandolfini’s best moments on the Sopranos. (huffingtonpost.com)