Happy Friday, everyone! The BMW Golf Championship continues in my neighborhood this weekend, so it’ll be crazy trying to get around the next couple of days. All we’re planning on doing is cheering on our favorite players and maybe having a glass of wine or two.

Wishing you a good one wherever in the world you may be! x0- M

1. Today’s cocktail is light, yeasty, and dry. Drink up here. {bonappeti.com}

2. The next time I host a tailgate I will definitely give one of these game day menus a try. {southernliving.com}

3. Love this eco-conscious residence owned by a supermodel and a quarterback. See it here. {architecturaldigest.com]

4. Turns out being a lefty is decided well before birth, according to this study.

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6. Chicago is cracking down on litterbugs in a big way.

7. Another Fashion Week has come and gone. Here’s a wrap-up of the best looks for Spring.

8. And since we’re talking Fashion Week and recaps, check out this sneak peek of what’s expected to be hot in hair, make-up, and nails in 2014.

9. Sit back, relax and let these new tech toys do the work for you.

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