Time flies when you’re running around in a thousand different directions, but this week seemed to go by particularly fast, probably because Katherine had a nasty bug that kept her home in bed for a couple of days. Thankfully, she’s on the mend, the sun finally came out today, and well, it’s Friday.  A big TGIF to all!

And speaking of Friday…

1.  As we head into this second weekend of June (can you believe it?) I thought I’d give you a little bit of happy to put into any happy hour you might have planned.  If, like me, you had no idea that Monday was National Iced Tea Day (who comes up with this stuff?) you’ll be glad to know that the folks at Three Olives Vodka (great name!) are all over this one and have come up with some pretty cool recipes to take this classic beverage to a whole new level. (The added bonus, of course, is that after drinking one of these cool cocktails, you’ll also be on a whole new level.)  


Find more recipes here.


2.  Loved this article about the new urban hermit. It seems the prerequisite for living life as a hermit doesn’t necessarily involve total isolation.  Still, on the extreme end of things, this reminded me of my once uber-successful, hard-charging cousin, who, several years ago left everything behind and entered a Carmelite Monestary. (More on my cousin and her life as a monastic in a future post.)


3.  As it turns out, pushing yourself away from the dinner table on occasion may actually be good for you. Research continues to mount about the benefits of intermittent fasting and what it can do for your health.


4.  Everybody needs a little wind beneath their wings once in a while. Check out these confidence quotes.


5.  Paperless Post has done it again.  You’ll want to be throwing parties all summer long, just so you can use this fabulous new line of invitations.


6.  Then and now.  Take a stroll down memory lane to see how much life has really changed in the last century.


7.  What goes up must come down and then be turned into the centerpiece of a NYC museum set to open in 2015.


8.  Loving the new J. Crew lookbook… (photo, J. Crew.com)


9.  And Tory’s take on Tomboy Chic  (photo, Tory Burch.com)


10.  And finally, Bella may not quite be up to speed, but evidently there are many in the animal kingdom making a name for themselves as artists (I kid you not).