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Sweet Surprises

How do you feel about surprises? I’ve never much cared for them myself – the control freak in me I suppose. And yet as any of us who’ve been on the planet for awhile knows, life is full of them – some great, some not so great. Just when you think you’ve got things all figured out you’re surprised by someone or something that reminds you that you don’t. Take my impending move for instance. No way at this point in my life did I ever think I would be moving to a new city in another state and...

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Get The Look

Who: Lillie Milovanovic, owner of  Lake Forest boutique, Lillie Alexander (ladies and children’s clothing) Classic American Style is:  “I picture a black cigarette ankle pant…   and a skinny sweater with pearls.   “Dresses too, in any shape or form. A dress is such an elegant look. There’s nothing more classic than a woman wearing a dress.” Be Advised: “Don’t make the mistake of trying too hard and following trends too closely. You’re better off to pick one trend and combine it with your classics. And even if you’re wearing something trendy you can still throw on a pearl...

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She’s it for me…one of my all-time favorite style icons, a rebel who has always gone her own way, a woman who truly defines classic American style. *** image via Huffington...

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Laura’s Take

Stylist, Laura Romeo Classic American style is: “Jackie Kennedy, a white shirt, blue jeans, Ralph Lauren, pearls, a saddle color handbag” Classic American style with a modern edge : “A great white tee shirt under a white shirt and layer upon layer upon layer of pearl necklaces and gold chains—wear them all at once.” Be advised: “Make sure if you’re going to layer all of those necklaces that you get your hair out of your face. Do an up-do, low chignon, or low ponytail, even a classic braid—they’re all back—and this way you’re showing off your face and your...

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HOMETOWN: Lima, Peru PERSONAL STYLE:  My personal style is mostly laid back, and simple. I barely wear anything other than black jeans and plain shirts, although in this weather I am forced to layer up with some button ups and sweaters. FAVORITE WARDROBE ITEM: In the winter it’s my Paddington Coat, but in the summer it has to be my boyfriend chino shorts. I’D NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: Tie-Dye, never. THE WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES ME: Chill THE CITY I’D MOST LIKE TO LIVE IN: Somewhere as full of energy as London, with the sunshine of Perth, walkable like...

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