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All The Presidents’ Wives

This former First Lady’s sartorial choices are legendary and have been emulated and admired the world over. During her time in the White House, Jacqueline Kennedy turned elegance and sophistication into a high art form with a signature style that embraced clean lines and bold solid colors. Her accessories, when called for, were almost always pearls, simple gold bracelets, and of course her iconic pillbox hats. Whether wearing a classic sheath dress, tailored suit, or glamorous gown, the silhouette of her ensemble always flattered her statuesque frame. The First Ladies that would follow her into the White House almost certainly took...

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Vintage February

Someone captured this image of me back in my college days, and I promise this was no posed shot. This is typical Mary, daydreaming, or in this case night-dreaming about something deep and profound I’m sure:) Check out that calendar hanging on the wall over my shoulder…February, 1979! The only thing I remember about this photo is that it was taken at a party and that I loved the garnet silk blouse I was wearing. Ah, those college days were some of the best! Time flies! *** If you’ve got a vintage photograph you’d like to share please email...

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