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Things That Caught My Eye This Week

01. Sweet. Memorial Day desserts that are anything but ordinary. 02. What To Wear? Outfit Inspiration for the upcoming holiday weekend. 03. What To Bring? Thank your party hosts this weekend with one of these non-cliché gifts. 04. Happy Feet. The best in summer sandals. 05. Where’s The Beef? The most over-the-top burgers in the U.S 06. You Can Go Home Again. A Nashville native returns to her roots to find a boomtown that resembles Brooklyn. 07. What’s Your Color? Your birthday color (yes, you’ve got one :) ) and what it says about you. 08. Man’s Best Friend. Secrets of...

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My Personal Style Is: Pretty and simple My Favorite Wardrobe Item Is: Leggings in the winter, sundress in the summer A Grooming Tip I live By: Letting my hair dry naturally—even if it means going to the office with damp hair (I know, so professional) I’d Never Be Caught Dead In: Glasses…yet I’m blind as a bat, so thank God for contact lenses! Word That Best Describes Me: Passionate City I’d Most Like To Live In: Washington, D.C., where my fiance, Matt lives! Right Now I’m Listening To: Hillsong—We Are Young & Free Right Now I’m Reading: Harvard Business School cases (blame it on MBA classes) My...

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