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I told you yesterday about my evening with Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, but what I didn’t mention were those shoes*- those gorgeous, bejeweled shoes. It was no accident that I failed to mention them. Shoe-lover that I am I knew that Garance’s shoes necessitated their very own post. (I can feel shoe-lovers everywhere nodding their heads in affirmation :) ) The shoes added the perfect finishing touch to Garance’s easy elegance. Her look on this particular night – black gauchos, a denim jacket, and grey scarf. But it was those shoes – a gift from Schuman – that were...

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Garance Doré

The evening at the FIAF* was billed as Garance Doré in conversation with Scott Schuman, “The Sartorialist.” Of course Schuman, famed for the striking street style images he shares on his blog, is Doré’s boyfriend… and on this particular evening, her interviewer. The charm of the duo’s repartee made for an intimate and enchanting evening and validated for me what I had already suspected – Doré is the real deal. The woman who hails from the tiny French island of Corsica is down to earth, humble, self-deprecating and ever so gracious. In other words, exactly who she is on...

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New York Is Always A Good Idea

I always feel energized when I get back from New York. Not only is this city a visual feast (jackpot territory for a girl with a camera) but there’s also this underlying current running through it – a kind of palpable earnestness in the pace of the people that I find really addictive. Especially now. Lately, I’ve been struggling with working from home. I seriously miss the stimulation and camaraderie of working with fellow creatives. When I moved my studio into my home a few years back I guess I never anticipated the impact it would have on my...

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