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Some Like It Hot

I’ll never forget the first time I traveled South. A Spring Break during my sophomore year of college. It would be my very first almost-adult road trip. My friend and I decided on a whim to jump into her car and head to her aunt’s place in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The midwest was still knee deep in snow, so without hesitation we drove off on our 17 hour excursion, the blustery scenery slowly disappearing in the rearview mirror. When I finally stepped onto the beautiful sandy beach it was with a deep sense of knowing that I had...

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Fade To Black

Whenever I visit Beverly Hills, I’m always struck by the quiet calm of the city’s neighborhood streets. It’s like no one is ever home. There is however the occasional break in the peace and tranquility when one of the myriad tour buses drives by, slowing down in front of the homes or former homes of Hollywood’s elite. That one of those buses slowed down to check out my photo shoot made for an interesting experience (read pretty funny).  The patrons on said bus seemed to think they had stumbled upon a celebrity when they spotted me. Some took photos....

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Blanc Page

I’ve been in major simplification mode for almost a year now, freeing myself of excess stuff and moving on to a new home in a new city with a much lighter load. In this new incarnation I’ve chosen to surround myself with only a few of my favorite things amidst a backdrop of soul-soothing bright white. White walls, white kitchen, white car, and yes- more often than ever before these days – white clothing. I’m sure a shrink would have a field day with me, but my arm chair analysis is very precise and a whole lot cheaper –...

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