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What I Wore To A Fall Wedding // Part Two

And the winner is… This is what I wore to the black tie optional wedding reception I mentioned here on Monday. My choice may seem predictable after all those fabulously colorful dress options I shared with you here but finding this dress was actually kind of a fluke. In fact,  I think this is one of those occasions where the dress found me.  I spotted it on my way to pick up the dress I had already purchased for the reception – a sapphire blue halter-style gown. Fluke or fate, there was only one hanging there on the rack...

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27 Dresses For A Formal Wedding

Choosing a dress for an autumn wedding can be daunting and when the invite says black tie optional  it may leave you feeling a bit confused about what attire is most appropriate for the event. Decoding the dress code is simple as long as you remember that just like a black tie only wedding black tie optional means the affair is formal. Men should wear either a tuxedo (not required) or a dark suit and tie, while women can choose either a long dress or a formal cocktail-length dress. I’m actually heading into a wedding weekend myself, where I’ll be celebrating...

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