And the winner is…

This is what I wore to the black tie optional wedding reception I mentioned here on Monday. My choice may seem predictable after all those fabulously colorful dress options I shared with you here but finding this dress was actually kind of a fluke. In fact,  I think this is one of those occasions where the dress found me.  I spotted it on my way to pick up the dress I had already purchased for the reception – a sapphire blue halter-style gown. Fluke or fate, there was only one hanging there on the rack as I passed by and it just happened to be my size. The safety net of black and white immediately called out to me and made me seriously doubt my (for me, anyway) out-of-the-box sapphire blue purchase. I acquiesced to my internal screaming, agreeing with the voice in my head that I had to at least try the dress on. And so I did :) Once I zipped it up it was all over. What sapphire blue dress? I knew instantly this goddess-style black and white confection was the dress for me. The irony is, the BCBGMAXAZRIA dress, while my favorite of the three I wore, was the least expensive. In fact, my shoes cost almost twice as much as the dress. Go figure.

Speaking of figure – my figurethis dress fit me like it was custom made for my body. The deep V-neck and short, banded bodice with an understated front cutout fit my small chest and incredibly short torso perfectly. I especially loved the beautiful, fluid skirt with those gorgeous pleated side panels that really elevated this dress way above your average black and white colorblock style.

BTW, my favorite dress from the roundup of options I shared with you a couple of weeks back is one that bares a striking resemblance to my ultimate choice, don’t you think? Funny how that happened :)

Did my final dress choice surprise you or is this kind of what you expected from me?


Dress  //  Shoes  //  Bracelet : Tiffany & Co.


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