Though the calendar may be proclaiming it’s spring it is very much still winter in many parts of the country. I know, right?! Feels like the longest winter ever! Because of that, transitional pieces like modern sweaters become essential wardrobe components. For me, they’re a must-have. No matter the season there will always be some day part when I’m feeling cold and reaching for a sweater. While I’m certainly a fan of classics like this one and this, I also (no surprise here :)) love sweaters with unique design details like my J.Crew pink, ruffle-neck pullover and this versatile lace-up number . One or three great sweaters each season are worth investing in, especially if you live in an area where temperatures vacillate between hot and cold, as they so often do in Chicago. Find my picks for some of the best sweaters below including some crazy good steals and deals.