Happy Hump Day, everyone! I am definitely having a hard time getting back into the groove around here since getting knocked down by that nasty flu bug. My energy has been slow to return which is why I have been MIA for so long. Yet, as I look back over the past month (can’t believe January is over!!) I have to admit a lot has gone on.

The Engagement

We jumped into full-on wedding mode the first week of the month and between me blowing my nose a thousand times a day, we actually managed to secured the venue, the church, the band, the photographer/videographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, and day-of wedding planner (I know, right?!!). Katherine even said yes to the dress, on my birthday no less, so it was an emotional and momentous day to say the least. I know I will not walk this way again so I’m trying to embrace every beautiful moment. I’m chronicling it all and will be sharing all things “wedding” every Wednesday in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

A Winter Wedding

The second weekend of the month I attended my first ever winter wedding, and let me tell you, did winter ever cooperate! It was 6-degrees when John and I arrived at the church. Still, the sun was shining brightly on the gorgeous bride and groom and everything was stunning from start to finish. What did I wear? Despite the frigid temperatures I wore this stunning blue beauty, though as I mentioned on Instagram, I sure wish I had had a space heater under that pretty, petal embellished skirt. Two days after the wedding I came down with the flu.

What I Binge-Watched While I Was Sick

Needless to say when, after four days, I could finally get out of bed, I spent my time on the sofa binge-watching countless picks from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

My binging began with Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale OMG! Have you seen it?! So dark, so bizarre, so good!!! Finished the entire season in two days.

On Netflix I got hooked on the limited series, Godless and lets just say I loved it and the girl-power vibe of this American Western set in the 1880s.

Amazon Prime didn’t disappoint either. I watched all three seasons of Outlander and though I’m much more of a Game Of Thrones fan, I still managed to get hooked on this harlequin-esque Starz series. Maybe it was the flu :)

February promises to be even more jam-packed. We’ll be hosting an engagement party, getting the bridesmaids all set with their dresses, scouting dresses for myself and then, finally heading to South Florida. Trust me, I can’t wait for a little escape from this endless winter.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! See you next month! xoxM