Good morning and Happy May!

Today I’m talking a trend I’ve been slow to embrace – patchwork jeans. The thing is, when I spotted these at Saks the other day the cut looked so flattering on the hanger that I couldn’t resist trying them on. I knew I would either love them or hate them and was open to either outcome. Well, let me tell you, they could just be one of my best fitting pair of jeans, which means I’m now scouting them in white and black. But back to the patchwork print. It’s fun but not so crazy that it makes me feel silly. In fact, as far as patchwork jeans go, this pair is pretty tame, unlike these and these made for those who really want to make a statement. That said, I low-keyed the styling of these jeans by pairing them with a cute little cold shoulder top that’s under $100 and can be worn three different ways – shoulder baring, sleeveless and short sleeve. The sandals are Loeffler Randall and along with my Gucci pouch add just the right amount of pop to an otherwise monochromatic look.

Is this a trend you’ve tried yet?


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