Her beauty is undeniable, but like all of the women I’ve featured here in my Beauty Secrets series, it was Brittany’s inner beauty – warm, outgoing and immediately engaging – that caught my eye during a trip to Napa Valley late last year. Read on to find out how this spin instructor and aspiring broadcast journalist keeps her skin looking so fabulous.

Morning/Evening Routine: 

I like to jump around with products and try different things. For face wash, I am currently switching between Dr. Gross’s All in One Cleanser and Toner and Proactive exfoliator. I find that I really like to use an exfoliator at night especially after taking my makeup off. I follow my cleanser with a moisturizer with SPF 30 or above. Right now I am using Mario Badescu Moisturizer with an SPF 30. I try to mostly apply it to just my cheeks and then the remaining on my forehead and chin area so that I don’t get too oily (which causes breakouts for me). I’m actually very acne prone but I definitely have steps I take to treat and prevent it. I like the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and use it as a spot treatment at night. 

Day/Evening Makeup:
As far as day/night makeup, I kind of always keep it mostly the same unless it’s a big occasion. I do tend to change my foundation a lot but a couple that I really love are Tarte Amazonian Clay and the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Foundation. I tend to like foundations with a pretty full coverage. For powder on top of my foundations I use
Make Up Forever Pro Finish which I get at Sephora. I love Anastasias Contour Kit and I also use
Two Faced Beach Bunny bronzer but that of course changes throughout the year. 
Top Three Beauty Products:
I am obsessed with false eye lashes. They complete my makeup and make me look more awake. 
 I just feel like it makes me look glowy, fresh, and clean. 
My all time favorite everyday lip liner!
Beauty Ritual Musts:
I always make sure I wash my makeup brushes. Makeup brushes can trap a lot of dirt, oil, and bacteria, so I try to stay on top of keeping them clean.
I also NEVER wear makeup to bed. No matter how tired I am, I always use a makeup wipe to take it off and follow with a cleanser.
Best Advice:
My mom is always on me about wearing sunscreen and it is definitely something that I am very aware of. In addition to the SPF 30 I wear on  my face, most of the time (especially in the summer) I will put sunscreen on my chest and arms as well as other exposed areas.