Like I always say, time flies when you’re having fun, and it has certainly flown by these past eleven years! That it has been more than a decade since I married my best friend seems, if not unfathomable, then, at the very least hard to believe.

From the moment my feet hit the ground that day I could feel this kind of magic in the air. I remember feeling giddy, light-headed even, and overwhelmed with this all-encompassing sense of joy. It was one of those perfect Southern California days, no sign of the dreaded June gloom that just days earlier had hung over L.A.. It was a perfect metaphor for everything that had come before. The dark days were over. We were surrounded by nothing but light.

The entire day possessed a kind of dreamlike aura, with each and every second enhanced with a gauzy, technicolor filter. So many unforgettable moments…

This in one of my favorites –

David Aldo is singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and I am having a major out-of-body experience. As I make my entrance on the stone walkway I instantly lock eyes with Katherine, who is standing mid-aisle, waiting to take my hand. Almost simultaneously my eyes connect with John, smiling and serene. He stands at the head of the aisle surrounded by a sea of blue hydrangeas, patiently waiting for us to get to him, another metaphor not lost on anyone.



I can close my eyes and I’m right there. I’m full of anticipation and trying to take it all in. I’m standing in this magical garden of blue hydrangeas, the California sky to match.

Any minute now my best friend, my confidant, the most beautiful girl in the world will make the turn and come up the aisle to be my wife. 

And then I blink and she appears. 

Like an angel in this perfect setting, grace and beauty in perfect balance.

Katherine, too, so beautiful, like her mother.

The three of us, about to become a family…

a force.