Summer slipped out the door early this morning and just like that it is behind us. The season of blue skies and barbecues, of balmy temps and long languid days has quietly acquiesced to one of the loveliest of seasons – fall. Still, it is never easy for me to let go of summer. I’m  struck by the fact that while it most certainly will come again it will never be experienced quite like the one that just ended. The people, the adventures, every road I have traveled, all are memories now, part of my story. And yet, that is life, if we are truly living it – one long continuum of experiences shared and memories created. So cheers to fall! Time to start making some new memories in this most glorious of seasons. Happy Fall, everyone!

Tulle 5

Tulle skirt bottom half

Tulle 4a

Tulle 2 full

Neiman Marcus Skirt and Shrug (old) / Jimmy Choo Kayden Platform Sandals


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