Happy June, Friends! How’s everyone doing today? I’m a bit harried and will likely be feeling that way for awhile as I orchestrate our move. Still haven’t found a place to live (hello interim-housing) but our house-hunting expedition this past weekend did turn up some possibilities. Just not sure we’ve found “the one” yet. Most of what we did find had us stepping into a time machine and going backwards about 30-years. What exactly did we see?

We took a look at –

a house where Elvis surely could have lived given the amount of carpet everywhere and the number of mirrored walls we spied out reflections in;

a house where virtually every room of its 58-hundred square feet was wallpapered in competing patterns and prints;

a house whose family room made us feel like we were under the big top at a circus;

and a house where Disco apparently came to live after it died around the rest of the world.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’ve never been afraid of a project, in fact I’m wired for projects. I’ve always loved the building/rebuilding process. I’ve drawn plans for two homes, handing them off to architects and watching them come to life, while overseeing every aspect of the build and interior design.

That said, this time round I’m not looking to undertake any major house project if I don’t have to. I’d rather put my stamp on a place with personal artifacts and prized possessions and call it a day.

How do I envision “the one?”

Quite simply – WHITE.

White takes me back to my beginnings in home decor when I used it almost exclusively. I find it soothing and peaceful, just what I’m looking for during this major transition. It’s simple, clean aesthetic is also very much in line with my own style aesthetic at the moment. I’d be perfectly happy with white walls, white woodwork, white ceilings, white everything.

Clearly there’s got to be some connection with the proverbial white room here – you know that space where, even when you feel you’ve lost control, there still exists within its confines some semblance of control? Does that make sense? I hope so ;)

The best part about the search so far has been our jewel of a real estate agent, a Southern Belle whose kind, laid-back style is incredibly refreshing, especially in that biz.

I’m looking forward to sharing more on our search in the days and weeks (I hope not weeks, but you never know) ahead. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the journey. Hope wherever you find yourself right now you are too. xox~M


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