Malikha’s Beauty Routine: 

Morning/Evening: I always use Ami Even & Clear Foaming Face Cleanser and their moisturizer, and now since it’s so cold out, my skin’s really dry, so I always use cocoa butter.

For my body, I use Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil that is really good. You put it on just before you’re about to get out of the shower, then rinse it off with cold water to lock in all the moisture in your skin.


Fitness Routine:

I have an advantage because I have a little home gym in my basement. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, so I just run and do crunches, and try to eat healthy.

For the summer months I’m definitely going to step up the diet because I want a Beyonce six-pack. I’ll probably do six small meals a day, and at least one month this summer go vegan.

Go-To Style Right Now:

I definitely love skinny jeans, riding boots, and sweaters. I also do lots of little Blank jackets and scarves.


Ambi Even & Clear Foaming Cleanser / Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil / Blank Denim