Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you had a productive week. We’re back in the deep freeze here in Chicago which makes it a perfect weekend to sit by the fire and do nothing. Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend wherever in the world you happen to be. Make it a good one! xox~M

Here are just a few of the things that caught my eye from around the web this week:

1. Oatmeal is back in the Ten, this time because it’s getting the star treatment at the Sundance Film Festival. Check it out here(Youtube.com)

2. Another incredibly cool photography project(mymodernmet.com)

3. Vacation ideas for those who want to do nothing(huffingtonpost.com)

4. An iconic supermodel turns 40(vogue.com)

5. The little black dress is still going strong. (elle.com)

6. A sneak peak at Balenciaga’s prefall 2014 lookbook(nytimes.com)

7. In less than a month, Target launches its newest collaboration with a British fashion brand(whowhatwear.com)

8. A 14-year old girl sails around the world. (time.com)

9. An iconic street in Beverly Hills is the subject of a new book(mackbooks.com)

10. And finally, just in case you missed the news, the nominations are in. (oscar.go.com)