Word on the street is that standing is the new sitting because sitting is evidently the new smoking. By now I’m sure you’ve heard the reportssitting too long can be extremely detrimental to your health. The list of ailments and life-threatening diseases are too many to mention and frankly I’d like to keep things positive, especially given the fact that millions of people go to work each day and sit in front of a computer. Buy hey, when you know better you do better, right? While researchers say that morning exercise won’t counteract the negative effects of sitting all day, what will help, they say, is getting up and moving around for ten minutes every hour. I realize that advice is easier said than done, especially when you’re on deadline and the last thing on your mind is taking a break to get a little exercise, but it is worth a try.

Another option, if you work from home, as I do, is to invest in a standing desk. Mine arrived recently and I decided to set it up in our gym. That may sound strange until you see where I’ve put it—directly over my treadmill.


It’s by no means glamorous and everything is still pretty much of a mess (cords hanging, bare walls,etc.) but I wanted you to see the basic set-up. I decided to position my desk over the treadmill after reading reviews from others who said they felt more energized and creative while walking at their desk. More energy and creativity? I’ll keep you posted on that but if nothing else I’m really hopeful that I’ve found a whole new way to work. It’s definitely a cool concept and so far the walking while typing is working out great!


How did I choose this particular desk? I did a lot of research beforehand and read countless reviews. There is a lot of product out there to choose from at every price point. I knew I wanted an electric desk that came with a great warranty and one that was extra-high to accommodate my treadmill. I found everything I was looking for from a company called VersaTables—great customer reviews, a lifetime warranty, and a desktop that can be raised to a height of 52″. As you can see, the desk fits perfectly over my treadmill with room to spare, and I’m really enjoying walking while I work. I mentioned last week that I wanted to untether myself from my desk in 2014 and this goes a long way in doing just that.

What are your thoughts on a standing desk? Do you already own one? I’d love to know what you think.