Happy Friday before Christmas everyone! Hope you’re managing to enjoy the season. Have you been doing a little pre-holiday celebrating? I’m excited about hosting the holiday at my house this year, but still have a lot of work to do before our Christmas Eve gathering. Wherever in the world you happen to be, I wish you a wonderful weekend.  Make it a good one! xox~M

For your weekend perusal, here are some of  the things that caught my eye this week…

1. A cool pictorial featuring a rock legend who turned 70 (guardian.com)

2. Julianne Moore’s refreshing take on aging (huffingtonpost.com)

3. A new fashion app that takes personal shopping to a whole new level  (wmagazine.com)

4. The history of the tiara trend (vogue.com)

5. A popular travel blogger who unplugged (huffingtonpost.com)

6. The new commercial for Apple’s iPhone 5s (forbes.com)

7. A Christmas carriage ride sure to get attention (fashionfoiegras.com)

8. A designer’s gorgeous swan song ad campaign(harpersbazaar.co.uk)

9. 2013’s most memorable selfies( Time.com)

10. A family Christmas card that’s a real crack-up! (elitedaily.com)