If you saw my earlier post you may have noticed all the snow in the background. Much as I’d love to tell you it was simply a prop for the photo, unfortunately I cannot. That snow was the real deal and so was the bitter cold wind blowing up the back of my shirt while I attempted to get my shot.

Since many a face and body will surely begin to suffer the consequences of the cold I thought I would share some of my favorite formulas to rescue dry skin.

Body:  Jo Malone’s Vitamin E Body Balm

I only recently started using this Body Balm and I have to say I really love what it’s done for my skin. It’s super-hydrating and banishes dry skin pronto.

Face: Creme De La Mer

What can I say about the workhorse of facial moisturizers, except that it is a miracle worker. I have not succumbed to any of the myriad of cosmetic procedures out there (too much of a hypochondriac to ever try Botox!). Instead, I’ve been using La Mer’s “Miracle Broth” for years and can honestly say it keeps my skin glowing all day.

Lips:  Fresh Sugar

This stuff is amazing, especially if you tend to get chapped lips. It moisturizes, protects (has an SPF15), and even smoothes the lips.

Before using any of my potions I always exfoliate my skin (A loofah for the body and a Clarisonic for the face), which definitely allows the products to be better absorbed.