Perhaps, but Romeo is giving Mother Nature a run for her money, mentoring young girls, ages 8-12, on the fine art of fashion and teaching them how to embrace their own unique shape and style. She launched Fashion Camp in the summer of 2010, believing, she says, that young girls need guidance— someone to tell them what fashion is and is not—someone, she says, besides their mother. The genesis of the camp began long before it was launched. Romeo says the idea actually struck her years earlier, as she began to notice the change in clothing being marketed to young girls and how they were being overtly sexualized. As junior departments began to vanish from department stores, she says, smaller stores like Abercrombie and Forever 21 started popping up offering young girls clothing that may have had an attractive price point but definitely came up short in the “appropriate” department.


Romeo says that once young girls begin to realize that what they’re wearing is actually saying something about them to the public, they start dressing a little differently. She teaches them the fundamentals of great style, that they can only truly achieve it by focusing on balance and proportion for their own unique body type. That in turn helps build self-confidence and self-esteem and shows the girls that great style can be had no matter your size or shape.

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Ultimately, she is succeeding in teaching girls how to love themselves just as they are, no easy task but one that Romeo is clearly passionate about. She has always had a penchant for mentoring young girls, she says, especially those who are hungry to learn and understand. “I don’t have children of my own but the “cool aunt” role has always been right for me.”

I think the cool stylist role is also right for her, and she’s got countless happy North Shore clients to prove it.

Check back on Thursday for part two of my interview with Romeo, when she’ll be sharing her thoughts on style, icons, closets, and wardrobe essentials.


For more information on Fashion Camp, visit Laura’s website here.