A dear friend insisted on dropping off some just from the oven baked goods over the weekend. He had just sampled a slice of freshly baked raspberry coffee cake at a local pastry shop and swore it was some of the best he had ever tasted. The next thing you know he’s in our driveway, handing off a stash of  the sweets to John. (That’s what I call sharing the love.) Anyway, our friend takes off for his son’s soccer game and John heads inside carrying an old-fashioned bakery box with an amazing aroma swirling around it. Inside the box we found one raspberry and one cheese coffee cake that were screaming to be tried. (Okay, well maybe not screaming, but you get the picture.) And so we dug in.

The verdict: Incredible! Outstanding! Delicioso!  Like our friend Elliot, we thought the cakes were quite possibly the best we’ve ever had.

Not sure if the place takes on-line orders, but if you’re ever in the Chicago area check out the Lovin Oven Cakery. The owners know a thing or two about dessert—the family run business has been turning out gourmet baked goods for more than 75-years.