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I’m loving Yeriel’s fresh and modern take on the gingham trend. He’s paired his long sleeved navy-checked shirt with dark denim for a look that’s both classic and right on point at the moment, proving that gingham looks great on guys,...

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Keeping It Cool

Freshly fallen snow, snowcaps on a mountain top, white fluffy clouds, (no, I’m not hallucinating or worse, wishing for winter)— these are the images I had dancing in my head recently when I photographed Philosophy’s Fall 2013 Collection. Forget that old rule about not wearing white after Labor Day. Seeing this collection convinced me that this season I’ll be the one wearing the little white dress for a change—that’s how much I’m loving the look of  this pristine non-color color. I’ve always been a big fan of creamy ivory too, and I like the way it’s paired in this collection...

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Easy to see why I spotted Arianna in a sea of either over-dressed or under-dressed people recently. She is the embodiment of casual chic! She elevates the basic white tee and jeans look by adding a simple striped scarf and some fabulous sunglasses. Don’t you just love her cool, minimalist...

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Things That Caught My Eye This Week

Happy Friday, friends! The weekend kind of snuck up on us, didn’t it?!  But I’m not complaining! How are your weekend plans shaping up? Anything fun on tap? I’m planning a pretty low-key couple of days, but on Monday I expect things to get crazy around here! Lake Forest is playing host to this year’s BMW Golf Championship, which means that my fair city will also be playing host to over one hundred thousand out-of-town guests!  All of the PGA’s top stars will be competing in the championship, among them, my favorite player, the gentleman of the game, Phil...

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Road-Tested Red

How lucky am I?!! I was already on the hunt for my own sizzling shade of red when M asked me to road test my favorite find for the Daily. So, I marched myself down Michigan Ave. and made my way to the Estee Lauder counter at Chicago’s Neiman Marcus. That’s where I met Ken. (Don’t get any ideas…) What can I do for you? He had a curious look in his eyes. So curious I wondered if he was dying to wipe off my entire face and start from square one. Well, I’m really just looking for the perfect red...

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