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Things That Caught My Eye This Week

01. Summer Style. 10 pretty sundresses for under $100. 02. White lightening. Summer’s new power suit. 03. Next To Nothing. Met Gala gowns that left nothing to the imagination. 04. Hair-raising. Everything you need to know about dry shampoo. 05. Beauty Rules. Miranda Kerr shares hers. 06. Sweet Scent. The secret formula to smelling good. 07. Captured. 20 rarely seen historical photos highlighting the power of photography. 08. The Gift Less Traveled. Check out this handy little off-registry wedding gift guide. 09. Almost Famous. A not-quite-royal wedding is happening this weekend. 10. Seriously?!  The most questionable denim trend yet...

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Blanc Page

I’ve been in major simplification mode for almost a year now, freeing myself of excess stuff and moving on to a new home in a new city with a much lighter load. In this new incarnation I’ve chosen to surround myself with only a few of my favorite things amidst a backdrop of soul-soothing bright white. White walls, white kitchen, white car, and yes- more often than ever before these days – white clothing. I’m sure a shrink would have a field day with me, but my arm chair analysis is very precise and a whole lot cheaper –...

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