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Vintage 90s

Meet my one and only – beautiful Katherine – as free as a bird when this photo was captured. Now a millennial girl who just moved into a fabulous new apartment and began her dream job on Monday, she is once again free as a bird. Funny how often life comes full circle. Not so funny is how fast life goes. Enjoy the moments, people :) *** So excited to tell you that Katherine will be popping in here on a regular basis, joining me in a new style feature I’ll be launching soon. Stay tuned! xox~M  ...

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Gone Fishing

My Dad, circa 1950s *** Sometimes you just need a three-day weekend. This is one of those times...

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Vintage February

Someone captured this image of me back in my college days, and I promise this was no posed shot. This is typical Mary, daydreaming, or in this case night-dreaming about something deep and profound I’m sure:) Check out that calendar hanging on the wall over my shoulder…February, 1979! The only thing I remember about this photo is that it was taken at a party and that I loved the garnet silk blouse I was wearing. Ah, those college days were some of the best! Time flies! *** If you’ve got a vintage photograph you’d like to share please email...

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Edith & Morris

photograph, circa 1950 Submitted by : Cheryl Klehr *** If you have a vintage photograph you’d like to share,¬†please contact for more...

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