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Life Lately

You know those times when life feels like a dream? When things seem to be moving so fast you can barely catch your breath? That’s how the past month has felt to me. Actually, come to think of it, it’s the way late September and all of October always feel to me. What have I been up to? Here are some of the highlights from my life lately – A California Road Trip In September we headed to California for our annual road trip across the state and I have to say that this year’s trip was one of our...

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The Little Black Coat

Good morning, everyone. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I had so much fun with family and friends that I almost didn’t notice how freaking cold it was in Chicago. (I must say, my hometown knows how to do cold.) My little black coat – one of my favorites – has been in heavy rotation that past several days, carrying me from appointments, to family dinners, to a stop at one of my favorite European bakeries for a quick reprieve from the cold temps. Its wrap-style silhouette and shawl collar (buttoned up because of the wind) makes it...

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