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Things That Caught My Eye This Week

01. Three trends that are spot on this spring. 02. You can never have too many of these bags and this color is a fun spring addition! 03. Eight famous fashion logos and how they came to be. 04. Small spaces look bigger with these paint tricks. 05. A holistic wellness expert suggests eating a pound of these a day to keep the doctor way. 06. The seven types of inner critics and how to calm yours. 07. Eight skin-saving sunscreens that are non-toxic. 08. Favorites this week under $100 – this, this, this, this and these 09. Not...

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The Velvet Taco

The newest player to hit the streets of Chicago’s Viagra triangle isn’t some old geezer with a bad toupee but a young hottie whose only lines are the ones forming outside its doors every day. I’m talking about the Velvet Taco. Have you been? If not, you’ve got to check this place out. The globally-inspired taqueria opened in the city’s Gold Coast earlier this year and it’s fast becoming one of John’s favorite lunch places when we’re in the city. The Texas-based, chef-driven eatery is a fast-casual concept serving locally sourced sodas and menu items that are fresh and...

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