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On Turning Four

In the end, it finally all seems to have been a dream. Only the things written down have any gravity to them. The other things are ready to disappear.  -James Salter I launched my first blog post four years ago today. The summer of miracles—that’s how I will always remember it—the summer my mother’s death sentence got turned on its side. Astonishingly, that summer, she rocketed out of her sick bed and for a time, jumped right back into living her life. It felt right to me then to pay homage to her here, to share pieces of her...

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HOMETOWN: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe MY PERSONAL STYLE IS: Simple and Chic MY FAVORITE WARDROBE ITEM IS: A black one-shoulder bubble dress that my sister passed down to me I’D NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: Anything with spikes and skulls. I feel as though these are a huge clash with my personality, which is delightful, kind-spirited, and engaging…I’m a strong believer of wearing items that are reflective of who you truly are.  …Oh, and drink plenty of water, it does wonders for your face, and a scarf always does wonders for an outfit.  THE WORD OR WORDS THAT BEST DESCRIBE ME:...

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