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On Turning Four

In the end, it finally all seems to have been a dream. Only the things written down have any gravity to them. The other things are ready to disappear.  -James Salter I launched my first blog post four years ago today. The summer of miracles—that’s how I will always remember it—the summer my mother’s death sentence got turned on its side. Astonishingly, that summer, she rocketed out of her sick bed and for a time, jumped right back into living her life. It felt right to me then to pay homage to her here, to share pieces of her...

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One Year Bows To The Next

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s word’s await another voice.” ~T.S. Eliot It is difficult to fathom that it is nearly over—this year of spectacular highs and devastating lows—but truth is like that sometimes. One year ago today we sat in my mother’s living room— a rally of the troops—surrounding her with our love, admiration, and support— an attempt to shield her from what was to come. As we raised our glasses to toast the New Year, we made our proclamation: Life will be Heaven in 2011— enjoy every moment. We could not have...

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