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Ali MacGraw, Circa 1969

What better way to bring back one of my favorite features – Fashion Flashback – then with the classic style aesthetic of Ali MacGraw, circa 1969. Her clean, unadorned look is timeless chic at its best and a reminder that stripes are always a good idea. image via Pinterest...

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A Must-Have Wardrobe Staple To Shop Now

It’s been raining a lot around here lately…the typical April showers , but all this wet weather makes it the perfect time to talk about a wardrobe essential that every woman should own – a trench coat. This is a coat, that along with being the most versatile coverup in your closet, packs major longevity. Because it never goes out of style, you’ll be wearing this one over and over again for years.  A little bit Old Hollywood with a chic, understated vibe, a classic trench coat is well worth the investment. Several years back I added two Burberry...

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Get The Look

Who: Lillie Milovanovic, owner of  Lake Forest boutique, Lillie Alexander (ladies and children’s clothing) Classic American Style is:  “I picture a black cigarette ankle pant…   and a skinny sweater with pearls.   “Dresses too, in any shape or form. A dress is such an elegant look. There’s nothing more classic than a woman wearing a dress.” Be Advised: “Don’t make the mistake of trying too hard and following trends too closely. You’re better off to pick one trend and combine it with your classics. And even if you’re wearing something trendy you can still throw on a pearl...

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She’s it for me…one of my all-time favorite style icons, a rebel who has always gone her own way, a woman who truly defines classic American style. *** image via Huffington...

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