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One Step At A Time

I’m thrilled. No, I’m elated. Okay, I’m ecstatic to report to you that this week, this monumental week, something really big happened. (No, I didn’t finish those books I’ve been working on, or win the lottery, though it sort of feels like it.) This week we said goodbye to our temporary housing and our inflatable mattress (definitely a story for another post ;)) and FINALLY moved into our new home. After months of being displaced and truthfully, feeling pretty lost, we actually got to sleep in a real bed this week – our bed – and yes, climbing into a bed that didn’t...

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On Turning Four

In the end, it finally all seems to have been a dream. Only the things written down have any gravity to them. The other things are ready to disappear.  -James Salter I launched my first blog post four years ago today. The summer of miracles—that’s how I will always remember it—the summer my mother’s death sentence got turned on its side. Astonishingly, that summer, she rocketed out of her sick bed and for a time, jumped right back into living her life. It felt right to me then to pay homage to her here, to share pieces of her...

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Gone Fishing

My Dad, circa 1950s *** Sometimes you just need a three-day weekend. This is one of those times...

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The Final Approach

Life is short.  I have carried this oft-articulated mantra in my heart for more years than I can remember, having experienced the gravity of its true meaning when my dad died suddenly, in mid-life. Sadly, last week, those old familiar words bubbled up to the surface once more, making their gravity felt.  A friend of mine— a beautiful soul with a fearless spirit—lost her battle to cancer. She was only 48. Carrie was an accomplished writer and market strategist who reveled in being a wife and mother to her two young children. As I gazed into the eyes of her...

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