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Vintage 90s

Meet my one and only – beautiful Katherine – as free as a bird when this photo was captured. Now a millennial girl who just moved into a fabulous new apartment and began her dream job on Monday, she is once again free as a bird. Funny how often life comes full circle. Not so funny is how fast life goes. Enjoy the moments, people :) *** So excited to tell you that Katherine will be popping in here on a regular basis, joining me in a new style feature I’ll be launching soon. Stay tuned! xox~M  ...

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MY PERSONAL STYLE: Simple and classic. I like to pair accessories from when I traveled abroad with simpler pieces to remember where I’ve been. MY FAVORITE WARDROBE ITEM IS: A big sweater and scarf. I love wearing oversized sweaters through the fall and winter. They’re so comfortable and look really nice with a good pair of boots. I’D NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: Something I didn’t feel completely confident wearing WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES ME: Positive CITY I’D MOST LIKE TO LIVE IN: Toronto, London, New York, anywhere that I have room to roam free. Honestly, I could see...

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The Work: George Hurrell

An exhibit featuring the work of renowned celebrity photographer George Hurrell is currently on display at Paul Stuart’s two Chicago locations. The acclaimed Hollywood lensman is best known for his glamorous fine art portraiture during the 1930s and 40s. Hurrell ranks high on my list of favorite photographers of all time, not simply because of his Chicago roots—he grew up here and attended the Chicago Art Institute—but because of his meticulous eye for detail and his exquisite use of light. His dreamy, porcelain-like images have a fantastical quality to them that I find truly captivating. Clark Gable by George...

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