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Things That Caught My Eye This Week

1. Witches Brew. 12 scary-good Halloween punch recipes. 2. Home Run. A beginners guide to decorating. 3. Right On Target. A mega-retailer announces its newest Posh partnership. 4. Through Thick and Thin. Tips for managing long-distance friendships. 5. Back Off. Lighten the load you carry on your back or you could end up with these problems. 6. Staying Neutral.  Why Gender-based marketing may become a thing of the past. 7. Word-of-Mouth. Check out the new  beauty counter. 8. Think Inside the Box. Healthy living is as close as your mailbox. 9. Magic Potions. Plant-based powders that promise clarity and energy. 10. Burn-out. How to extend the life of your...

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Vintage 90s

Meet my one and only – beautiful Katherine – as free as a bird when this photo was captured. Now a millennial girl who just moved into a fabulous new apartment and began her dream job on Monday, she is once again free as a bird. Funny how often life comes full circle. Not so funny is how fast life goes. Enjoy the moments, people :) *** So excited to tell you that Katherine will be popping in here on a regular basis, joining me in a new style feature I’ll be launching soon. Stay tuned! xox~M  ...

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MY PERSONAL STYLE: Simple and classic. I like to pair accessories from when I traveled abroad with simpler pieces to remember where I’ve been. MY FAVORITE WARDROBE ITEM IS: A big sweater and scarf. I love wearing oversized sweaters through the fall and winter. They’re so comfortable and look really nice with a good pair of boots. I’D NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD IN: Something I didn’t feel completely confident wearing WORD THAT BEST DESCRIBES ME: Positive CITY I’D MOST LIKE TO LIVE IN: Toronto, London, New York, anywhere that I have room to roam free. Honestly, I could see...

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