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Fashion Week

New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicks off tonight and with it a fashion feeding frenzy that will have street style photographers knocking over little old ladies to capture images of some of the beautiful people who’ll be in attendance. Over the next nine days at more than 300 shows, designers will be unveiling their much anticipated spring collections to editors, writers, and retailers, along with a plethora of street style photographers, videographers, and bloggers who will also be on hand to capture every nuanced moment. If it seems to you, that the point of the event has somehow gotten...

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Things That Caught My Eye This Week

1.  I love New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur. {} 2.  Interview Magazine’s September Model issue features 7 legends in all their gorgeous glory. {} 3.  And Speaking of gorgeous, check out these models with their mothers, gracing the pages of the September Vogue Russian edition. {} 4.  Ever wonder why we dress the way we do? This new book could have all the answers.{} 5.  One of my favorite bloggers has just inked a book deal and I can’t wait for it’s release next year! {} 6.  Just ordered a pair of jeans featured...

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The other day I told you about my favorite go-to dress of the summer. Well, today I’d like you to meet a wardrobe essential that comes in a close second—my absolutely favorite boyfriend jeans. If I didn’t know better I’d think I’d had these in my closet for a dozen years and then some—that’s how lived-in and comfortable they feel.  Yet, they still have this casual chic thing going on that makes it easy to wear them in a million different ways. {top photo} Joe’s Jeans //BCBG red top {n/a} // Tory Burch Reva Flats // {photo#2&3} DKNY BLAZER {n/a}//  J.CREW Tank //...

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Now Showing

Fashion, in its many forms and features has always been art to me. It affords us the freedom of expression that few other art forms come close to rivaling. Daily, it indulges our whims and fantasies, and even if we tend to play it safe in our wardrobe choices, we are, nonetheless, making a statement. {Something to think about the next time you get dressed!} If you’ve always wondered about the relationship between art and fashion you must check out the  Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity exhibit at Chicago’s Art Institute. Cameras weren’t allowed inside but I can tell you...

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